2019-20 Executive Board

NUCHR's Executive Board consists of 22 individuals across 10 teams: Co-Directors, Speaker Relations, Campus Relations, Delegate Development, Experiential Learning, Marketing, Education, Logistics, Fundraising, Finance, and Trip. 

To tackle the demands of operating a student organization with regular ongoing programming and weekly meetings on top of organizing a distinguished annual conference, our board is composed of highly capable, driven students from diverse backgrounds and skill sets. 

Board members typically serve as general members for a year before taking on more responsibility within the organization. Applications to join the executive board are released in late-February. 

In addition to working collaboratively from week to week and developing strong interpersonal connections amongst one another throughout the year, the executive board goes away to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for an annual retreat every memorial day weekend. 

To learn about each of our members, click on the pictures below: