2017-18 Exec Bios


Jessica Saffold

Co-Director, Class of 2019, jessicasaffold2019@u.northwestern.edu

Jessica is a senior from Aurora, Colorado, studying Social Policy and International Studies. She is on the executive board as a member of the marketing committee. In addition to NUCHR, Jessica is also a member of the Significant Others A Capella group, Gamma Phi Beta sorority, Chicago XA Student Ministry, and the ASG A-Status Finance Committee. Jessica also works as an undergraduate fellow in the Buffett Institute for Global Studies. In her free time, Jessica enjoys exploring Chicago, trying new food, and binging on the freshest Netflix shows. She is also an avid fan of conspiracy theories.



Lydia Kriseman

Co-Director, Class of 2019, lydiaKriseman2019@u.northwestern.edu

Lydia is one of our Executive Co-Directors and is a Social Policy and Political Science double major. In addition to NUCHR, Lydia also is a member of Delta Zeta Sorority and volunteers weekly with the tutoring/after school program Living Works in Rogers Park. She cares deeply about social issues relating to inequities especially regarding education policy, human rights, and criminal justice policies. Most of the time she is probably mildly stressed and maybe yelling but she a fun time! She loves podcasts, masking (and all other forms of self care), and taking mirror selfies to new heights!


Matt Casler 

Education, Class of 2020, matthewcasler2020@u.northwestern.edu

Matt Casler is beyond excited to work as NUCHR's second-ever Director of Education. Matt is a second-year student studying Social Policy, Political Science, and Spanish, with hopes to one day attend a top law school. Originally from Orlando, Fla., Matt has yet to grow accustomed to the Chicago winters, but has found plenty of ways to occupy himself inside, as he is involved in Northwestern Hillel, Model United Nations, and research in immigration law and politics.


Soyeon Shin

education, Class of 2020, soyeinshin20209@u.northwestern.edu

Soyeon is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas, studying Social Policy and BIP. In addition to being an education deputy for NUCHR, she is involved in Gamma Phi Beta as assistant financial vice president. She spends her time lifting weights, perusing the Cool Dog Group on Facebook, and using “athleisure” as an excuse to wear leggings everyday.


Miranda Drakes 

Education Deputy, Class of 2019, mirandadrakes2019@u.northwestern.edu

Miranda Drakes is a third year student studying Political Science and Legal Studies from the suburbs of Seattle. Miranda has served the City of Chicago as a legal intern and hopes to attend law school and eventually use her degree to promote social justice and equality.


Melana Ellingson

Campus Relations, Class of 2020, melanaellingson2020@u.northwestern.edu

Melana is on the Campus Relations team for the 2018-2019 year. She is a Psychology major in the class of 2020 also pursuing minors in Spanish and Sociology. Outside of NUCHR, Melana is a tutor at Family Focus Center Evanston, Peer Adviser, member of MIXED Race Student Coalition, Publicity Director of Minor Dissonance Vocal Jazz Ensemble, and a member of Chi Omega. Besides telling anyone who'll listen about how great her hometown of Minneapolis, MN is, Melana can be found procrastinating on the lakefill, yelling "Go 'Cats" in irrelevant situations, or making plans to go to the gym (but never actually going).


Hannah Brown

Marketing and Campus Relations, Class of 2020, hannahbrown2020@u.northwestern.edu

Hannah is on the Marketing and Campus Relations teams for the 2018-2019 year and is a member of the class of 2020. She is a Journalism and Middle Eastern North African Studies double major. In addition to NUCHR, Hannah is a reporter for the Northwestern News Network, volunteers for the Dawes Elementary After School News program, writes for Spoon University and is a member of Alpha Phi. Hailing from Key West, Florida, she cares about human rights, the New York Times Morning Briefing, and Grater's Black Rasberry Chip ice cream.


Hui Ling Chen 

Marketing, Class of 2020, huichen2020@u.northwestern.edu

Hui Ling is a member of the class of 2020 majoring in economics and psychology. Coming from Chicago, she is prepared for the ugly winters, but that doesn't mean she can't still complain about them. Besides being on the marketing team in NUCHR, she is involved in Campus Kitchens and Minichefz, and if you know of any more clubs with great people and great food, you should definitely let her know. When she's not trying out new baking recipes and pretending she is Julia Child, Hui Ling can be found watching Korean dramas.


Carolina Laguna

Speaker relations, Class of 2019, carolinalaguna2019@u.northwestern.edu

Carolina Laguna is excited to be Speaker Relations co-chair in her fourth and final year with NUCHR. Carolina is a Political Science and International Studies major from Mexico City. Outisde of helping with the conference, Carolina works as a research assistant for a professor in SESP doing work in education policy. She is also a member of Voyeur Theater Collective and Kappa Kappa Gamma.


Melody Park 

Speaker relations, Class of 2019, melodypark2019@u.northwestern.edu


Yerim Kim 

Logistics, Class of 2019, yerimkim2019@u.northwestern.edu 

Yerim Kim is the co-chair for Logistics, majoring in Statistics and Legal Studies in the Weinberg class of 2019. She is from South Korea, and is interested in pursuing a career that can both allow her to travel and help others. Other than NUCHR, Yerim is a Resident Assistant on campus. When she feels like procrastinating, she enjoys watching movies, playing the piano, tagging friends in interesting memes, and practicing calligraphy.


June Warde

Logistics, Class of 2021, junewarde2021@u.northwestern.edu

June is a student studying psychology and economics in Northwestern’s class of 2021 and she is on NUCHR’s logistics team. She is proud to be from Beirut, Lebanon, and she loves talking about her two years spent studying in Bosnia and Herzegovina, although she avoids mentioning that she does not know a single word of Bosnian. She is involved in a number of things at Northwestern which, apart from NUCHR, include the International Student Association and the student club Mayfest. She also has a job at the Norris University Center, and you can be sure to find her hanging out there at any time of day.


Serena Shah 

Delegate Development, Class of 2021, serenashah2021@u.northwestern.edu

Serena Shah is on the Delegate Development team for the 2018-2019 year. She is from Rochester, Minnesota and is a Sociology major in the class of 2021. In addition to NUCHR Serena is involved in Peer Health Exhange and is a member of Gamma Phi Beta. She spends to much looking through meme pages (Northwestern's and other schools') and stopping to pet every dog on campus.


Mason McVeigh 

delegate development, Class of 2020, meillynmcveigh2020@u.northwestern.edu

Mason McVeigh is part of the Delegate Development team. Originally from South Bend, IN, he is a sophomore studying Philosophy and German. Outside of NUCHR, Mason is involved in Model UN, Helicon literary magazine, and is a peer advisor for incoming students. When not hunched over an anthology of German Philosophy, Mason enjoys trying different coffee shops, buying fun socks, and looking at pictures of cats on the internet.


Casey Grage 

fundraising, Class of 2020, caseygrage2020@u.northwestern.edu

Casey is thrilled to chair Fundraising for her second year. She is a Class of 2019 Computational Neuroscience/Science & Human Culture double major. She loves sliding down raillings and banisters but is really bad at it — once breaking her ankle early freshman year and just recently this spring break, bruising her elbow. At Northwestern she works at a couple neuro labs and Roger's bioengineering lab.


Lillian Guo 

Delegate development, Class of 2020, lillianguo2020@u.northwestern.edu

Lillian Guo is a member of the class of 2020 from the suburbs of Chicago, and is studies Learning Sciences and Asian American Studies. Outside of NUCHR, Lillian is a peer educator with Sexual Health and Assault Peer Educators, a Corps Member with Jumpstart, a counselor for the Chicago Undergraduate Program, and is involved with the Asian Pacific American Coalition. Lillian is very interested social justice, and loves talking about the need for inclusive curriculum reform. When she's not doing anything with her beloved student groups or arguing for the need for more inclusive education, you can probably find her stress-procrastinating by napping, eating copious amounts of toast with butter and strawberry jelly, or rewatching old episodes of Jane the Virign on Netflix.


Kaitlyn Rubinstein

Experiential Relations, Class of 2021, KaitlynRubinstein2021@u.northwestern.edu

Kaitlyn is excited to co-chair Experiential Learning in the coming year! She is in the Class of 2021 and from Mesa, Arizona, studying sociology, international studies, and Spanish. She hopes to one day work in the international field for human rights and humanitarian aid, but, in the mean time, can be found working at Rotary International and researching class inequality with the incredible Professor Beth Red Bird.


Esteve Botella i Valls

Experiential Learning, Class of 2021, EsteveBotella2021@u.northwestern.edu

Esteve is one of the Experiential Learning co-chairs. He loves bragging about his hometown, Barcelona. But if you ever speak, it won’t take more than 5 minutes to start talking about how he went to high school in the coolest country on earth: Swaziland. At Northwestern, he is a freshman studying political science, economics and critical theory. When he is not with the NUCHR family, he also helps with the Global Engagement Summit as a member of the delegate outreach team.


Rebecca Lassiter

Finance, Class of 2020, rebeccalassiter2020@u.northwestern.edu

Rebecca is a member of the class of 2020 and is on NUCHR's Finance team. She is from Winston-Salem, North Carolina and is studying Computer Science. Rebecca is interested in the civic tech sphere and she hopes to further explore how to use technology to promote social justice and equality. In addition to NUCHR, Rebecca spends her time working on a project team for the student organization .dev, googling pictures of giraffes, and eating egregious amounts of ice cream.


Eric Pfrender 

finance, Class of 2020, ericpfrender2020@u.northwestern.edu

Eric Pfrender is part of the class of 2020 and is on the 2018-2018 Finance team. He is from Granger, Indiana and is studying Chemical Engineering. When not learing about human rights, he can be found listening to music, missing his dog, and (most likely) taking a nap.


Isabel Hoffman

Trip, Class of 2019, isabelhoffman2019@u.northwestern.edu

Isabel Hoffman is from Chicago and studies Social Policy, English, and completed the Civic Engagement Certificate. This is their third year being on NUCHR's exec team and their first year on Trip. Isabel is passionate about social equity and has done research relating to the racial education gap and food insecurity. In addition to NUCHR, Isabel is a part of NSFP Wildcat Welcome Board of Directors, Helicon Literary and Arts Magazine, as well as all things SESP related. Isabel passionately believes in "Midwest is Best" and spends their time hunting for oversized sweaters at Goodwill, drowning their sorrows in indie coffee shops, seeing live concerts, and binge-watching Bobs Burgers (by the way they’re a total Bob).