2017-18 Exec Bios


Liam White

Co-Director, Class of 2018, liamwhite2018@u.northwestern.edu

After charming his way into being given far too much responsibility, Liam White, is serving as NUCHR Co-Director for 2017-2018. By some miracle, his inadvisable strategy of lightly skimming readings, fumbling over broken Portuguese sentences, and proposing idealistic healthcare solutions without ever setting foot in a lab has him on track to graduate with a major in Anthropology and minors in Portuguese and Global Health. Side gigs of Liam's include giving presentations on sexual violence prevention, brainstorming cheesy captions for an ethically made Kenyan sandal company's social media accounts, and recruiting high school students for summer trips abroad that use soccer to erode cultural barriers. He drinks copious amounts of coffee, takes pick up soccer games far too seriously, and has been known to tear his pants down the crotch while dropping low on the dance floor.


Jonathan Wrobel

Co-Director, Class of 2018, jdw@u.northwestern.edu

Jonathan is the 2017-2018 Co-Director of NUCHR, and an Economics major in the class of 2018. Hailing from Naperville, IL, he is passionate about LGBT rights, racial justice, and internet freedom, doing freelance communication work on these issues. Jonathan enjoys Ben & Jerry’s and contemporary fiction.


Callie Leone

Speaker Relations, Class of 2018, callieleone2018@u.northwestern.edu

Callie is a co-chair on Speaker Relations. She studies economics and political science. This armchair historian is passionate about justice both in theory and in practice. In addition to three (going on four) years of participating on NUCHR's exec, she is involved with the Brady Scholars Program. She loves cartoons, horticulture, and handcrafts. Be sure to ask about her dogs.


Emma Zblewski

Speaker Relations, Class of 2018, ezblewski@u.northwestern.edu

Emma is co-director on the Speaker Relations team for 2017-2018, and studies Premedical Studies, Anthropology, and Global Health in the Class of 2018. She is from Plover, WI and is super excited to be studying epidemiology and HIV prevention in Chicago. She's passionate about investigating social determinants of health, environmental justice, and fighting to change structurally violent institutions in order to make the world a better place. When she's not overloading her schedule with NUCHR, Philharmonia orchestra, Brady Scholars, Family Ambassadors, Phi Delta Epsilon, Community Health Corps and her two part-time jobs, you can find her baking copious amounts of food, playing guitar, and practicing her Latin dance moves.


Isabel Hoffman

Delegate Development, Class of 2019, isabelhoffman2019@u.northwestern.edu

This is Isabel's second year as one of the co-chairs for NUCHR's Delegate Development Team. She is a junior studying Social Policy and English as well as pursuing the Civic Engagement Certificate and Integrated Marketing Certificate. In addition to NUCHR, Isabel is a on the executive board of Helicon Literary and Arts Magazine, as well as a Peer Advisor for incoming students, Diversity and Inclusion Chair for Alpha Chi Omega, and a Research Assistant in the School of Education and Social Policy. In her free time Isabel enjoys seeing live music shows, watching Bob's Burgers (she was believed to be a Gene, but has recently been outed as a Bob), lurking around Goodwill, and reading the erotica fantastical of Walt Whitman.



Carolina Laguna

campus relations, Class of 2019, carolinalaguna2019@u.northwestern.edu

Carolina is a junior from Mexico City, Mexico studying Social Policy and Political Science. On campus, she's also involved in Voyeur Theatre Collective, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Net Impact. Carolina is currently studying abroad in Paris, but is excited for our incredible conference upon her return!


Melody Park

marketing, Class of 2019, melodypark2019@u.northwestern.edu

Melody is a junior from Porter Ranch, California studying Journalism, Economics, and Design. She is the marketing director for NUCHR. She is also a team lead for Design for America and the assistant financial vice president for Gamma Phi Beta. Melody cares about social and racial justice in the context of cities, and spends her leisure time reading nonfiction books and Yelping cool places to eat. She's a huge fan of brussels sprouts, her Hydroflask, and dope sneakers.


Jessica Saffold

marketing, Class of 2019, jessicasaffold2019@u.northwestern.edu

Jessica is a junior from Aurora, Colorado, studying Social Policy and International Studies. She is on the executive board as a member of the marketing committee. In addition to NUCHR, Jessica is also a member of the Significant Others A Capella group, Gamma Phi Beta sorority, Chicago XA Student Ministry, and the ASG A-Status Finance Committee. Jessica also works as an undergraduate fellow in the Buffett Institute for Global Studies. In her free time, Jessica enjoys exploring Chicago, trying new food, and binging on the freshest Netflix shows. She is also an avid fan of conspiracy theories.


Kathleen Nganga 

Education, Class of 2018, kathleennganga2018@u.northwestern.edu

Kathleen Nganga is a Political Science major. She has served as NUCHR's Director of Education since 2016. Kathleen has a commitment to social justice, or the belief in equity, equality of opportunities, and egalitarianism. In her free time she enjoys reading, snowshoeing, and the great outdoors.


Jo Machesky 

Logistics, Class of 2018, jomachesky2018@u.northwestern.edu

Jo is a senior from Champaign, Illinois majoring in Integrated Science, Environmental Engineering and Science and Human Culture. This is Jo's second year of being co-director of logistics with the amazing Yerim. In addtion to NUCHR Jo is involved in undergraduate research in the chemistry department at Northwestern and is a lead consultant at Northwestern IT. In her free time she enjoys cooking, boxing, hanging out with animals and exploring new neighborhoods. If you mention you are hungry she will feed you!


Yerim Kim 

Logistics, Class of 2019, yerimkim2019@u.northwestern.edu 

Yerim Kim is the co-chair for Logistics, and a Statistics and Legal Studies major in the Weinberg class of 2019. She is from South Korea, and is interested in pursuing a career that can both allow her to travel and help others. Other than NUCHR, Yerim is a Resident Assistant on campus. When she feels like procrastinating, she enjoys watching movies, playing the piano, tagging friends in interesting memes, and practicing calligraphy.


Rebecca Lassiter 

delegate development, Class of 2020, rebeccalassiter2020@u.northwestern.edu

Rebecca is on the Delegate Development team and is a member of the class of 2020. She is from Winston-Salem, North Carolina and is a Computer Science major. Besides NUCHR she is involved in Northwestern Model UN and is pumped to be an RA for the 2017-2018 school year. Rebecca enjoys hiking, knitting, eating barbecue, and looking at pictures of giraffes. 


Mason McVeigh 

delegate development, Class of 2020, meillynmcveigh2020@u.northwestern.edu

Mason is on the Delegate Development team in the Class of 2020 originally from South Bend, Indiana. Mason is a double major in philsophy and linguistics, and is involved with Model UN outside of NUCHR. Mason enjoys social and economic equality, environmental justice, and listening to Sufjan Stevens.


Victoria Bianco 

campus relations, Class of 2018, victoriabianco2018@u.northwestern.edu


Hannah Brown 

campus relations, Class of 2020, hannahbrown2020@u.northwestern.edu

Hannah is on the Campus Relations team for the 2017-2018 year and is a member of the class of 2020. She is a Journalism and Middle Eastern North African Studies double major. In addition to NUCHR, Hannah volunteers for Medill Media Teens, writes for Spoon University and is a member of Alpha Phi. Hailing from Key West, Florida, she cares about environmental issues, human rights and good food Instagrams.


Angie Jose 

experiential learning, Class of 2020, angelinajose2020@u.northwestern.edu

Angie is on the Experiential Learning team and is a rising sophomore from Waukegan IL. She's studying statistics and global health, and when she's not chilling with her fellow NUCHR family, she's writing the weekly newsletter for Kaibigan Filipino Student Association or she's hanging out in Chicago with FUP! She enjoys learning about environmental and healthcare justice, as well as eating Plex stir fry every Wednesday at 11am and 5pm on the dot!


Lillian Guo 

experiential learning, Class of 2020, lillianguo2020@u.northwestern.edu

Lillian is a sophomore and Learning Sciences major from Naperville, IL and she is part of the Experiential Learning team. When she's not with NUCHR, she is doing work as a programming chair for Asian Pacific American Coalition and as a counselor for Freshman Urban Program or she is working with preschool students through Jumpstart. Lillian is incredibly passionate about equity in education through the context of racial and social justice. She enjoys hunting for artisan doughnut shops, exploring the city of Chicago, taking photos, and trees.


Rachel Price 

Marketing, Class of 2020, rachelprice2020@u.northwestern.edu

Rachel is an exec of marketing and an intended Economics major and Classics minor in Weinberg. Originally from Palo Alto, California she found a passion for human rights through NUCHR during her first year at Northwestern. Rachel is a fervent believer and supporter of women's rights and civil equality. She has spent years doing volunteer service for educational programs for disadvantaged youth. Through her role as Director of Design for Stitch, NU's premier fashion and culture magazine, and as a volunteer for Stanford Cantor Arts Program she has used the arts as an innovative platform for the advancement of human rights and expression.


Eric Pfrender 

finance, Class of 2020, ericpfrender2020@u.northwestern.edu

Eric is on NUCHR's Finance committee. He is a member of the class of 2020 majoring in biomedical engineering and minoring in computer science. He is interested in learning about human rights and environmental issues, taking as many naps as possible, and spending time with his two dogs.


Casey Grage 

fundraising, Class of 2020, caseygrage2020@u.northwestern.edu

Casey is the Fundraising Director for NUCHR. She is a sophomore Neuroscience/Science in Human Culture double major and Computer Science minor. When not breaking her knee from dancing down the street, she conducts neuromodulatory research in the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute. She also serves on the executive boards for GlobeMed, UNICEF, and the Community Health Corps and is a peer advisor for new students. Her latest accomplishment is eating an entire package of raw cookie dough within the last 24 hours.


Anissa Hajaree 

education, Class of 2019, anissahajaree2019@u.northwestern.edu

Anissa is on the Education team and is a Political Science and International Studies double major. In addition to NUCHR, Anissa interns at a nonprofit called Heshima Kenya dedicated to protecting refugee women in East Africa. She cares deeply about social issues, especially women’s rights and racial justice, and hopes to one day become a human rights lawyer. When she’s not procrastinating by watching Youtube videos and taking BuzzFeed quizzes, she’s probably drinking a chai latte and making random Harry Potter references.


Lydia Kriseman 

education, Class of 2019, lydiakriseman2019@u.northwestern.edu

Lydia is on the Education team and is a Social Policy and Political Science double major. In addition to NUCHR, Lydia also is a member of Delta Zeta and volunteers weekly with the tutoring/after school program Living Works in Rogers Park. She cares deeply about social issues relating to inequities especially regarding education policy, human rights, and healthcare. Most of the time she is probably mildly stressed and maybe yelling but she a fun time! She loves podcasts, masking (and all other forms of self care), and watching six seasons of Game of Thrones in a matter of weeks!


Margaret Creighton 

trip, Class of 2020, margaretcreighton2020@u.northwestern.edu